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Blue Peter

In 1987, Adam appeared as a guest on Blue Peter, performing four songs
from the Leicester Haymarket production of FAT PIG - THE MUSICAL.
The item was presented by Mark Curry and the late Karen Keating.
At one point, just out of shot, Goldie the labrador went for Fat Pig's right
trotter attempting to pull Adam across the studio floor!


                         In 1990, Adam was invited onto the chat show Kilroy. It was recorded at
                         Bolton Town Hall. The topic under discussion was 'the difference
                         between Southerners and Northeners'. As you can imagine, it was a lively
                         discussion. Adam agreed that on first meeting Northerners were more friendly.
                         Other guests included: Eric Bristow, Fred Dibner and photographer Stephen Spender.

Good Morning With Anne & Nick

In 1994, Adam recorded a TV version of the hit radio series 'Our Tune' hosted
by Simon Bates. These five minute short stories were shown on Good Morning
with Anne and Nick.
The episode about a young couple's struggle with post-natal depression
was hard-hitting and featured the chosen song 'Tequila Sunrise'.


                                            Adam has appeared (as an actor!) twice on Crimewatch (BBC). Firstly playing a
                                            well-spoken conman in a reconstruction of a robbery at an old rectory in
                                            Norfolk. He had to drive the actual van which could only be started with a
                                            local policeman 'hot-wiring' it!
                                            He also appeared as D.I.Burden, in a reconstruction of an alleged rape of an
                                            elderly lady in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

The Culture Show

In 2004, as a member of the Belgrade Theatre 'Sleeping Beauty' Company,
Adam appeared as Chester the Jester on a show pointing out the strengths
of experienced pantomime performers, compared to the alleged limited
abilities or reality TV 'stars' and some Australian 'soap' actors.
Does traditional Panto sell seats, or is it the 'names'? Interesting.

British Gas 'Tell Sid'

                                                     In 1986, Adam appeared in his first television commercial. It was the famous 'if you
                                                     see Sid, tell him' British Gas Flotation. His performance was sent up by the Spitting 
                                                     Image team: a latex puppet of Adam discovered 'Sid' with his head in a gas oven.
                                                     The suicide note read - 'I have topped myself on account of those bloody stupid
                                                     adverts'! The clip of Adam has been shown on many news programmes since.

Cafe Royal Cabaret

                           Cabaret at the Cafe Royal, London. He joined top West
                           End performers, Mike Sterling, Simon Bowman, Meredith Braun and Miya 
                           Berato. 'The Music of the Night', a selection of hits from the shows.
                           An eleven piece orchestra and the splendour of the Dauphin Room made
                           for a scintillating, if somewhat nerve-wracking, evening!

Central 100

                                                                          Adam was delighted to be asked to appear in the Central 100 Show at the Old Vic, London.
                                         He took part in the 'Am I Bovered' sketch with Catherine Tate and Neil Stuke, and in the finale
                                         with Martyn Ellis and Nickolas Grace singing a Guys and Dolls Medley. It was a fantastic evening
                                         attended by HRH Princess Alexandra; including past and present students and staff. Acts were
                                         performed by Sir Terence Stamp, Wendy Craig, Jennifer Saunders, Rufus Sewell, James Nesbitt,
                                         and Sara Kestelman to name but a select few. The evening was hosted by Graham Norton and
                                         Lynda Bellingham and staged by the legendary Dougie Squires. Jae Alexander provided the
                                                                          musical direction and George Hall received the standing ovation he so richly deserves. Delightful!